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aReLeTTe Kennel does not support the purposeless mass breeding of Russian/Russkiy Toy dogs.
aReLeTTe Kennel breed to the FCI recognized standard of excellence, and to the guidelines of UKC.
aReLeTTe Kennel will remain vigilant in the preservation and protection of the Russkiy Toy dog.

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Anki & RTs, summer 2005      matisseonsnowdog

I am with my RTs during warm summer days, and...      ....during cold winter days.


My goal is to preserve and promote this fascinating rare breed, and to educate the public and RT fanciers alike, about their temperament, health, beauty, playfulness and affection to their owners.


    The foundation dogs were brought from Russia, by  me and my daughter, in 2005. They came from a variety of strong and healthy Champion bloodlines of the very highest quality available in Russia. I am now welcoming my 5th generation of Russkiy Toys.

    My dogs are always being praised by judges around US and the world in regards to their superior quality, great temperament and closeness to the FCI Standard.

 Kris in car to Moscow Airport


 My yard has grass, brick, wood, stone, gravel, ground cover, lots of trees and bushes, and mulch for the dogs to experience as well as a small water fall and pond. I am outside with the dogs, to make sure no hawks or foxes eye them for a meal.





aReLeTTe Russian/Russkiy Toy dogs are living in my home, free to move around the house all day. I make sure to have no more than 6-8 dogs at any time. These wonderful dogs need personal contact and love every day.

Rumors that Russkiy Toy dogs are as vicious as a Pit Bull are totally false. I am working hard to show everyone the true identity of the RT as an affectionate, adorable, loving, playful, intelligent, clownish, agile and eager to please toy dog.

My goal is to generate positive and correct Russkiy Toy awareness in North America.

RT owner referral is available upon request. For additional information about my Russian/Russkiy Toy dogs, please e-mail me

Anki Larsson,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 614-395-1591, leave message


From Dog World Magazine, Aug 2012, pg3

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My BLUE LOVE  - He did them all !! Yet, he is but one example of the many Russkiy Toys from kennel aReLeTTe, who were Championed in many of these venues, particularly in the United Kennel Club Dog Shows.

Povelitel Vseya Rusi Yaromir, aka Blueberry or Mr. Blue



ARBA - American Rare Breed Association

IABCA - International All Breed Canine Association

UKC - United Kennel Club




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