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Links to RT Friends: under construction

Des Elfes des Steppes, France: http://www.des-elfes-des-steppes.com/

Du Doux Mystere, France:

Kennel O, Sweden:

Check out this link for a media photo of dear Tatiana. She is one of the dogs sold by Anna Frumina and her partner. http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/gallery/0,,20532645,00.html?xid=email-peoplepets-20110929

Here is an internet article about aReLeTTe's Selianka (Selka).http://www.joyfulpaws.typepad.com/.



Federacion Cynologique Internationale (FCI):   FCI mascot/cobby http://www.fci.be/nomenclatures_detail.asp?file=group5&lang=en

AKC-FSS Russian Toy: http://www.akc.org/breeds/russian_toy/

RTDCA, Inc.: http://russiantoydogclubofamerica.org or http://russkiytoyclubofamerica.com

RTDCA, Inc on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/RTDCAInc

United Kennel Club (UKC): http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/WebPages/Home



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